Commercial Music

Commercial Music

Great commercial production music makes a difference. We believe that great music elevates all production. It empowers a producer's creativity and captures the audience. BDP is at the top of the commercial production music business because we get the power of music. It is our goal to supercharge your music resources while reigning in the costs.

Spot Builder is a virtual commercial music powerhouse with over 100,000 tracks of commercial production music and has dozens of tracks added every week. The Spot Builder specializes in retail music, whether you're building commercials for vacations, restaurants, auto shops or the holidays. The highlight montages you see on this page are just a small sample of the retail commercial production music we have to offer. The BDP online production music search interface is super simple to use and helps find the right music faster.

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Check out the introduction to Spot Builder video above. It's quick and easy.

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